10 Key Outsourcing Mistakes Made By SEO Companies But You Shouldn't

Are you an SEO company relying heavily on outsourcing your projects to SEO freelancers? But, do you actually know when and why should you consider offshore contractors for your online marketing projects? Well, it is a bitter truth that many digital marketing companies don’t know the ins and outs of the outsourcing process and make a hire without measuring the results. So, if you are one of those IT firms, then this blog is for you.

If your company’s growth has stagnated for a long time, despite the serious efforts of your full-time staff, get ready to outsource your SEO projects. But, before you hire the best SEO consultant in Bangalore, make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes that others are making in the industry. So read further to get familiar with the ten key outsourcing mistakes that most of the SEO companies usually make but never realize.

  1. Perceiving That Need For Managers Has Vanished Once Projects Are Outsourced

    Outsourcing business is one half and managing is the other half. An SEO company can’t just rely on the one half or else, the whole system will collapse. Most SEO freelancers can manage themselves but they don’t get paid to manage others’ businesses and neither do they perceive so. Therefore, a digital agency must come forward to take the initiative of its own work. In case, your regular staff is over-occupied, better hire a new manager to look after your business.

  2. Feeling That SEO Companies Are Free To Hire Workers From Anywhere

    It is true that the IT workforce can be hired from any part of the world and some employers prefer people from low-income countries. But, considering that you will get the same productivity across boundaries is a big mistake that most digital marketing companies do. An SEO agency must analyze and work out on various factors such as a set of skills they need, ease of communication, similar time zone and other aspects that can affect productivity before hiring their virtual workforce.

  3. Outsourcing Everything Without Considering Value

    Never go wild with an outsourcing binge rather closely inspect if the task can be performed in-house. Ask yourself if hiring offshore contractors is adding any value to the work or not. If your in-house team is outnumbering the outsourcing benefits, better shift your gears to get it done from your full-time professionals.

  4. Thinking Fixed Price Bidding As The Best Choice

    Though fixed price bidding on the leading marketplaces such as Upwork, Elance, etc. is gaining popularity these days but may not be the best route for outsourcing your SEO projects. So, never get caught in the myth and explore the hourly market for consistent and better results.

  5. Assuming Outsourcing As A Pretty Cheap Option

    It is quite usual for SEO companies to get attracted to the cheap options. But, cheap is not always good, especially when you are hiring for a long-term SEO projects. You will need to work hard to keep your SEO freelancers happy. Moreover, their fair compensation may not be your fair compensation due to the difference in currencies and the cost of living involved among the countries. So, pay them considering these factors in mind.

  6. Expecting Virtual Workers Will Adapt To Your Culture

    Considering that the workers will adapt your culture from the very beginning is an unrealistic expectation that invites bitter experiences. Although most of the freelancers do their best to keep their employers happy, still, at times culture may become a bar.

    For instance, they may not be available for your work at your desired time as they might need to go out to perform rituals. You shouldn’t take it otherwise. Adaptation is a two-way road where both of you will need to understand each others’ cultural differences for the success of your online marketing projects. Of course, this makes a happy company.

  7. Relying On Existing Staff To Look After The Outsourcing Process

    Don’t push any of your managers who are not willing to perform to look after the outsourcing process. It is evident that one who has no interest to work during odd hours or beyond his comfort zone can never bring fruitful results. Understand that to get a real success for your SEO projects, you would need a strong personality with a good knowledge of outsourcing and a zeal to excel.

  8. Living With A Belief That Outsourcing Will Cut Down Your IT Expenses

    It’s a mere fact that the moment you start outsourcing your SEO jobs, you become heavily dependent on collaborative tools. Trying to reduce your IT project by solely relying on automation is a big mistake and many online marketing companies do not realize it soon. To yield better results, opt investing in the training of your in-house staff.

  9. Acting Like The Company Has No Concern With The SEO Freelancers’ Career Progression

    Assuming that the growth of virtual workers is none of your concern is a wrong perception that could hinder your company’s growth. The fact is that the freelancers can add same or more value as that of the regular staff, provided that they are dedicated towards the work. So, carefully source candidates and do invest in their career progression as they could be your future stars.

  10. Outsourcing SEO Projects That You Also Don’t Understand

    Outsourcing those projects that even you couldn’t understand is a bad practice many SEO companies are indulged into. If you pose yourself as an entrepreneur, you should better know it first to accomplish it from start till end. Simply kicking things from your end to the freelancers would eventually mar your reputation.

The Final Takeaway

There are many SEO freelancers out there in the market and you can give your best shot to hire qualified candidates. But whatever you do, always resist from perceiving outsourcing as a cheap alternative to offload your work. Learn to smartly outsource your SEO projects to someone who could really handle them well. Building your future by sourcing the best talent from the globe is a lifetime opportunity that you might want to utilize without committing mistakes. Slowly, you will see this transformation will take your company’s success to the whole new level.

Don’t want to commit mistakes while outsourcing SEO projects to SEO Freelancers? Or, struggling to get rankings you have lost to your competitors just because you have put some bad guesses at SEO work? Or, your website has never experienced what it feels like to be on the top of Google searches? Whichever is the thing you are hustling with, Nagaraj Gouda, the top SEO consultant in Banglore, could help your website make the way to the top of Google pages. I don’t work on guesses because they take you nowhere. Get in touch with me if you really want to unfold Google rankings for your business powered by factual data. Let’s talk!

10 Key Outsourcing Mistakes Made By SEO Companies But You Shouldn’t

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